English Ministry Center—Teachers


Ministry description

The center provides English classes to adults to meet the need of the community. Students want to learn English to improve their positions in their work, find new jobs or to travel abroad. The center provides quality English classes for students, but the main focus is to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ with students, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. An average semester has 250-300 students.

A recent story from the center:

"Nassar is a refugee from another Middle Eastern country who studies at our center and began following Christ in the last year. His story begins with the Lord using short-term team members to witness to him. One night in the coffee bar in our center, a girl on a short-term team had a word of knowledge that John had a pain in his neck. She prayed for him, and his neck was healed immediately. This got Nassar curious, and he soon joined a Bible study that a staff member was leading. As Nassar began to hear stories from the Bible and how the prophets all point toward Jesus, he also developed a deep relationship with two other people on the short-term team. Both staff members and short-termers had several discussions about Jesus and how he is our Savior. Over time, Nassar decided to give his life to Christ and began following Jesus. Nassar continues to meet with and be discipled by staff members from the center and has even helped lead his brother into the Kingdom. He talks very fondly about the short-termers and the impact they had on his life. He also calls the center his second home because it is 'where I was born again."

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.


  • Help ministry staff build relationships, see who is open to the gospel and begin sharing with those people


  • ESL background helpful, but not require (training provided on-site)
  • Strong friendship-building skills
  • Willing to learn Arabic