Women's Refugee Ministry


Ministry description

Unprecedented opportunities are available to women among Syrian refugees and other displaced and impoverished people in the Middle East. Foreign women (including and especially young, American women) have remarkable access to friendships with Muslim women because you are perceived as outside the local community, and therefore, you can be trusted with personal matters like family conflict and religious questions.

One of our teams was recently in a Syrian refugee home with many women from the town, talking, eating and laughing. At one point, a teenage girl entered the tent and closed the windows, telling us that the men at the mosque were annoyed by how loudly the women were laughing. That’s our goal: to bring remarkable joy and friendship to lost and suffering people.

We have a strong, healthy team to train and support you, sending you in pairs to unreached villages to build genuine friendships and talk about Jesus. All you need is a love for people, a love for the gospel, and a willingness to learn language and culture.

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.


  • Build genuine friendships with women in the Middle East


  • Strong friendship-building skills
  • Deep belief in the gospel
  • Willing to learn Arabic
  • Ability to laugh