Children's Ministry Specialist


Ministry description

The children’s ministry specialist will collaborate closely with local churches to help reach children in Metro Manila with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This role contributes to the team’s mission to evangelize the lost and disciple believers with a specific focus on children.


  • Good communicator with children
  • Passion for the gospel and the Great Commission (burden for the lost)
  • Recognizes the need for believers to mature in their faith and become more Christ-like even at a young age


What are the primary responsibilities of this position?

  • Help equip the local church to engage effectively in multiplying disciples among children
  • Hands-on involvement in children’s ministry
  • Facilitate training and equipping events for others serving in children’s ministry

What are NOT the responsibilities of this position?

  • Meeting all of the perceived material needs of the children
  • Being the “professional” counselor for those who need it

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.