Church Planter


Ministry description

A church planter with the Sendai City Team desires to use your spiritual gifts to serve in the church and outside of the church to reach out to the Japanese in a way that will lead to them opening their heart to become a seeker (and in time a believer, Lord-willing). The more fluent you are in Japanese, the more you can help share the gospel and make disciples.

Team mission

Our church, in thanks for Jesus’ love for us, exists to REACH (Matt 28:19) seekers; to CONNECT (fellowship, Matt 28:19) them with other Christians; to help them GROW (discipleship, Matt 28:19) in their faith; to discover their MINISTRY (Matt 22:39) and to HONOR (worship, Matt 22:37) God with their lives.

Purpose of the ministry position relative to your team

In alignment with the team mission, a church planter uses his or her gifts and skills in ministry to reach out to develop new relationships in the community that hopefully will provide opportunities to share the gospel with people or invite them to a church meeting.


  • Maintaining an active and committed walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Self-motivation to seek spiritual nourishment from the Lord
  • Dedication to Japanese language-learning with the aim of using it as soon as possible
  • Taking initiative/being pro-active to participate in the work of the ministry
  • Commitment to working cooperatively under the leadership of the Sendai City team leader and alongside other team members


What are the primary responsibilities of this position?

  • Japanese language learning
  • Personal evangelism as part of one’s daily life
  • Supporting the team leader as asked in the various ministries of the Sendai Izumi Church
  • Participating in the regular meetings (e.g. worship, children worship, prayer and staff prayer) and the special meetings (e.g. Easter, Christmas, BBQ, etc.) of the church
  • Involvement in teaching or assisting with the outreach English classes (children and adult)
  • Help to set-up and clean-up the church with others

What are NOT the responsibilities of this position?

  • Leading or pastoring the local church

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.