International School Teacher


Teachers are needed at Silk Road Academy, an international school in Central Asia. By working at Silk Road Academy, a teacher is filling a key need by helping ex-pat Christian families provide a quality education for their children so that they can remain in the country doing the work God has called them to do. Silk Road Academy provides a learning environment for children from kindergarten through high school.

Teaching opportunities include:

  • Third grade
  • Fourth grade
  • Fifth/sixth grade
  • School counselor
  • Secondary math
  • Secondary science
  • Secondary history

Silk Road Academy expects that teachers view their duties at the academy as their primary ministry activity. Teachers should hold a Bachelor’s level teaching degree, and they are expected to teach a minimum of five hours per day, not including time for lesson preparation. As the school is able, it will strive to accommodate the teacher’s desire to engage in language learning.

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.