Finance Manager


Tasks will include: collecting and reporting monthly receipts for the team; coordinating wire transfers for currency pick up; making sure donations are used as designated; processing payroll for Haitian employees, and managing employee loans.

This position will likely expand as the team moves toward being a recognized organization. This change would add taxes and social security payments to the list of regular responsibilities.

Time not filled by the listed tasks could be invested in other ministries (whether pre-existing or yet to be started) or spent assisting other ex-pat and missionary organizations in the area. There are great opportunities for the Gospel to be spoken through the sharing of biblical financial and economic principles in the local community.

Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • Must have previous experience managing finances
  • Understands Quickbooks and Excel at a professional level
  • Attentive to detail
  • Self-motivated
  • Willing to learn the culture
  • Team player