Orphan Ministry Director


Panama has many orphans and orphanage programs. Like most countries, there are social orphans (who have parents though they are negligent or dangerous) and true orphans with no family at all, and both need a lot of help.

We have connections to several orphanages in Panama and we are looking for a person that can be our representative in these places to teach life-skills to these kids, share the gospel and disciple the kids as the orphanage workers.

You would need to build up a team of people who minister with you, including people from the churches in Panama and also be prepared to help visitors from outside of Panama to connect with the kids and orphanage workers.

This is one way we want to help these kids and we are searching for other means as well, but we need a person and a team dedicated to spearheading this critical ministry. It will be hard work and, at times, heart wrenching. It will require formidable patience, prayer and persistence.

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.