Men's Refugee Ministry


The conflict in Syria and Iraq has resulted in millions having to flee their homes and endure tremendous suffering. Their displacement has also caused unprecedented receptivity to the gospel among Muslims. With strategic partner relationships in both the Middle East and Europe, EFCA ReachGlobal is uniquely positioned to minister along transit routes and at destinations of this mass movement of people.

We are responding to this crisis by partnering with national churches to minister to the refugee’s physical needs, while developing relationships with entire families in order to share the gospel. As home churches develop, we are helping partners identify and equip emerging leaders so mature churches travel with the refugee community as they return to their homeland or disperses to other parts of the world.

Men are especially difficult to reach. We have a solid, healthy team to train and support you, sending you in pairs to unreached villages to build genuine friendships and talk about Jesus.


  • Tangibly minister Christ’s love among refugees: building relationships, multiplying disciples and planting churches

Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • Creativity and strong friendship-building skills
  • Deep belief in the Gospel
  • Willing to learn Arabic