Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Response

Crisis Response

After nearly 10 years since Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast and New Orleans, thousands of families are still trying to return home, and many more families are trying raise their kids in poor neighborhoods, among Katrina-damaged buildings in need of restoration. Many feel forgotten. One homeowner, Miss Pat, says "People want restoration because they want community." This is why ReachGlobal Crisis Response, EFCA’s Southeast District and local EFCA churches are partnered together to see a transformed city through a movement of disciplemaking, church planting and community investment.

"Its going to take God's people to show what God's Kingdom is, His love, His care and His compassion for the poor and oppressed." John Gerhardt a local pastor of Castle Rock Church said. Since the storm, thousands of volunteers serving on short term teams have aided in the recovery efforts and brought the transforming power of the gospel to New Orleans. They have served, engaged with the local church, prayed and invested in the lives of countless homeowners and their neighbors. Not only that but they have brought what they have learned home with them and have begun to transform their own communities and those around them. Words cannot express the gratitude for each of these volunteers' service to the Kingdom.

During this 10 year anniversary year, please consider sending a short-term volunteer team to New Orleans to participate in the transforming of this city.

Sending a team

Organize a team to (re)connect with home owners, invest in relationships, and further the Gospel impact in the city. Whether team members are experienced carpenters or willing hands, male or female, high school students or retirees, there is a variety of ministry opportunities in New Orleans based on the gifts and talents of your team. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Relational Outreach
  • Prayer Walking
  • Construction -Any Skill Level>
  • Yard Work

Trip costs

One Week Trip: $275.00 per person

  • Sunday night arrival, Saturday morning departure
  • Serve Monday through Friday
  • Includes t-shirt, breakfast, dinner, lodging and project

Transportation costs are not included. Lodging is in bunk rooms on bunk beds or at Trinity Church on air mattresses.

Other opportunities to partner with ReachGlobal Crisis Response in prayer or gifts may be found here.