IT Specialist


Situated on a beautiful, spacious campus, RFIS is home to a vibrant multicultural staff and student body. We are seeking a skilled IT technician who is eager to serve and work alongside others using his or her technology experience and skills to help manage, improve, and facilitate use of computers and networks for our school.

Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • Flexibility to use your skills and gifts according to the needs and opportunities at the time of your arrival on location
  • Finds satisfaction in maintaining and managing the IT resources of Rain Forest International School.
  • Ability to create, maintain, and troubleshoot local area network
  • Identify and resolve hardware and software issues
  • Apply hardware and software upgrades and patches with minimal user intrusion
  • Patiently coach users through technical support issues
  • Willingness to teach IT principles, hardware self-maintenance, and software best practices to user community when needed