Short-Term Team Coordinator


ReachGlobal is partnering with an association of healthy churches that is dedicated to making disciples and planting house churches. These churches have asked the Santo Domingo City Team (SDCT) to engage university students and young professionals in transformational discipleship and outreach, with the goal of integrating them into house churches throughout the city.

As short-term team coordinator with the SDCT you will serve Dominican and U.S. churches by coordinating short-term mission teams in a way that fosters effective ministry, and a transformational discipleship experience for team members and Dominicans. Short-term missions tend to be seasonal and may occupy roughly 50-75% of your time; the balance will involve discipleship and outreach among university students.

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.


  • Fluent Spanish – must be willing to dedicate the first 6-12 months to language/culture acquisition, depending on length of term.
  • Spiritually mature, with track record of discipling others
  • Teachable
  • Good organizational, administrative and relational skills
  • Team player who is willing to serve where needed
  • Able to discuss differing worldviews and spiritual realities with grace and clarity


  • Resource/provide training for teams
  • Prepare/equip host ministries to maximize effective ministry of STMs
  • Manage logistics, orientation, debriefing, follow-up, follow-through of STMs
  • Orient teams to cross-cultural issues and missiological objectives of the project
  • Communicate guidelines and expectations to team members