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ReachGlobal Montréal City Team

Jonathan and Ashleigh have served in Montréal and with the Evangelical Free Church of America for six years. God has given them great vision and opportunity to serve with women, youth and the local church.

Dates and Registration

June 15–22, 2024

20 available spots

Québec is one of the ten provinces and three territories that make up the country of Canada. Walking through downtown Montréal feels like being transported to Western Europe. Once known as the city of a thousand bell towers inviting people to church, it’s now a city of four million people where less than 3% identify as evangelical Christians, and less than 1% for those under 25. Life in Montréal is similar to other urban environments, and the French value of la joie de vivre, the joy of living, drives many of those who call the French-speaking province of Québec home. But despite this drive for pleasure, there seems to be a greater sense of emptiness and a deep desire for something more.

The Montréal City Team has two major ministry focuses: outreach to women and youth and church training initiatives. One of our leaders works with pregnancy centers and a transitional home for young girls and women with unplanned pregnancies. The team is deeply involved in youth outreach through partnership with local churches, speaking on anti-human trafficking, mental health, pornography and other topics that impact the city’s youth. They coordinate a network of churches so that all are equally equipped to disciple the next generation of disciplemakers, meeting twice a week for discipleship and ministry opportunities. 

How you'll serve

You will work with the Montréal City team for your weeks specific activities

  • ESL, Art, Music — Serve in a community center library facilitating activities for youth
  • Community Market Service — Prepare food, engage with clients and generally serve those who participate
  • Community Gardens Service — Tend city gardens designed to grow food to feed those in need
  • Prayer Walks — Support Montréal and its residents through pray and intentional conversations
  • Youth Groups — Facilitate youth-group events, lead worship, activities and question panels




  • Early-bird rate: $1100/participant
  • After December 31, 2023: $1250/participant

If you are registering for a U.S. trip, please know that if you have not reserved every spot during your initial registration, there is a potential your group will share this site with another youth group. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at apex@efca.org.

Special Requirements

  • This trip requires pre-trip training with the materials provided by Apex Missions.
  • This trip may require your team to plan and prepare in advance for ministries you will be serving. The City Team Leaders will let you know specifics early 2024.
  • You may be asked to bring supplies for work projects assigned.
  • All participants will need a valid Passport. At the time of building this page a visa is not required. We recommend that you verify that this information well before traveling.
  • This site requires a minimum of 10 participants per group.
  • This site requires you to purchase travel insurance for each participant. This is not provided by or available through Apex Missions.
  • We highly encourage you to register your participants with the US State Department STEP International Travel Program.