Long-Term Experts (Indigenous Amazon People)


Although they were reached by Wycliff missionaries in the 60s, the spiritual awakening experienced by that generation has faded and the Yanesha churches are now small and elderly. They currently have their own church association, but the 24 pastors leading these churches have little or no training, and they want some! In addition, these churches are struggling to reach the next generation of Yanesha youth who are becoming increasingly connected with the outside world despite not having electricity or good cell service. The church currently has little to offer or attract them. Our prayer is that the church would not die with its founders!

In addition to their deep spiritual needs, they also face many physical ones. The average family income is around $40 per month. Most farm a few acres of land but the profit from the products they produce is minimal, struggling to cover the costs of medical emergencies, travel, education for their children, and sometimes food.

This ministry is focused on developing, empowering, and releasing Yanesha church leadership to reach the next generation and other ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. Holistic ministry is an essential part of our efforts and currently includes clean water projects, medical assistance, and community development focuses to improve their quality of life and ability to thrive. Other projects include soccer outreach ministry, teaching English and religion classes at local high schools and elementary schools, women’s ministry events, and children’s ministry.

Needed Areas of Expertise

  • Project management
  • Cooperatives and/or micro-enterprise
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Social work
  • Personal finances
  • Ministry experience
  • Community Development


  • Build relationships with the local team
  • Strategize and foster networks
  • Study Spanish full-time for 6-12 months
  • Use skills and passions for evangelism and discipleship of Yanesha people
  • Assist in administrative details related to ministry as needed

Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • College Degree in a related field
  • Some overseas experience
  • Teaching and organizational skills
  • Mature and flexible Christian with a servant heart
  • Enjoys travel and adventure
  • Character qualities: Discernment in ambiguous situations, patient, positive attitude in hot and sometimes uncomfortable surroundings, self-motivated, self-starter, willing to learn from others