Church Planting Apprentice

Church planting

Ministry description

A church planting apprentice makes disciples within and beyond the Small Church Network with the aim of multiplying missional small groups called, “Small Churches.”

Team vision: For God to transform Tokyo through an ever-increasing presence and influence of people who treasure Jesus above all else.

Team mission: To multiply small churches by developing, empowering and releasing disciplemakers.

Purpose of the ministry position relative to your team: In alignment with the team vision and mission, a church planting apprentice uses his or her gifts and skills in ministry to make disciples within and beyond the existing Small Church network. This may involve focused outreach to specific demographics like university students or young families, but to the end goal of multiplying Small Churches. In addition, the apprentice walks alongside local believers to develop, empower and release them as disciplemakers.


  • Maintaining an active and committed walk as a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • Commitment to health as a team member according to the Tokyo City Team Covenant
  • Dependence on the Lord characterized by a vibrant prayer life
  • Commitment to Small Church as a key strategy and sole focus for church planting
  • Dedication to Japanese language-learning with the aim of indigenous multiplication
  • Demonstrating initiative and leadership ability to pursue team goals.


  • Japanese language learning
  • Relational evangelism as part of your daily life and language studies
  • Making disciples among your local Small Church to develop, empower and release them as disciplemakers
  • Providing supplementary support for the Tokyo Small Church Network
  • Mobilizing prayer by promoting awareness of Tokyo’s spiritual need, encouraging believers to join in strategic prayer and potentially facilitating a sustained prayer movement

What are NOT the responsibilities of this position?

  • Leading or pastoring a local church

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.