Trauma Care Director

Crisis Response

The Trauma Care Team is a network of ministry workers and lay people who seek to help restore both short- and long-term wellness in the mission field that follows a crisis.


  • Lead the Trauma Care Team.
  • Develop a strategy and training materials for equipping and utilizing a trauma care team and utilizing them to help those affected by a crisis process their trauma.
  • Oversight of and/or provide trauma care training for our staff and our partner churches during a response.
  • Recruit and develop a team who will offer emotional and spiritual assistance as part of intentional disciplemaking.
  • Multiply lay leaders to help others process trauma.
  • Maintain healthy communication with the Trauma Care Team and serve as the liaison between them and ReachGlobal Crisis Response.
  • Assist the Prepare/Mobilize Director with training for local churches in the programs.
  • Report to an assigned member of the Crisis Response Lead Team or the Crisis Response Director.