Arts Ministry


Hungary is a culture that values art – with streets and squares named after authors and poets, students who can recall from memory epochs and fairy tales, street art, galleries, and concert venues throughout the city. And artists are themselves an often marginalized group in society.

The Budapest City Team is committed to developing human flourishing in Budapest through spiritual, mental and relational health by intentionally partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals toward the establishment of local churches and the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. To that end, we partner with a variety of individuals and organizations, from studios to coffeehouses to production companies, to develop relationships in which we can share Christ. This sometimes plays out by creating art and sometimes by serving those who create.  

 Specific opportunities: 

  • Work with musicians at a Christian music production company (requires sound production knowledge) 
  • Serve with a Christian theater troupe in the areas of marketing, set/costume design, logistics 
  • Share studio space with a Christian artist in a non-Christian setting 
  • Organize workshops, lectures, community events at a local art café  

This opportunity is open to short-term or long-term staff.


All of these positions would be in collaboration with local partners. They also participate as team members of ReachGlobal’s Budapest City Team. 


Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • Willing to dedicate the first 6-12 months to language/culture acquisition and specifically music/art culture acquisition before beginning formal ministry 
  • Technical knowledge/skill depending on the opportunity 
  • Support-raising