Conversational English Language Teacher


Is teaching others your passion? If so, come join us!

ReachGlobal is partnering with local schools, language schools and churches in the greater Budapest-area to provide conversational English language classes to Hungarians. Students here welcome the opportunities to practice and learn from a native English speaker in a group setting. Some members of the Budapest City Team are engaged in the teaching of conversational English to help students improve their language skills through a variety of resources and activities.

These classes offer an excellent platform for Bible-based, gospel-oriented conversations with an eye on building relationships with our students. Our goal is to share the love of Christ through His gospel, and in time, help the students to form transformational churches in their immediate sphere of influence.

 This opportunity is open to short-term or long-term staff.


  •  Help non-native speakers (students) learn English and / or help develop current English students with reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. 
  • Plan, organize, and provide instruction in English. 
  • Prepare daily /weekly classroom and course materials as needed. 
  • Provide a fun, nurturing, and supportive, group learning environment that encourages student participation. 
  • Employ a variety of engaging instructional techniques and strategies to meet different aptitudes and interests of students. 
  • Integrate Scripture and the gospel into English lessons. 

Special Requirements

  • Raise your own support.
  • Confident and comfortable teaching in a group setting
  • Good relational skills: Build strong, lasting, respectful relationships with students with an eye on earning trust, nurturing friendship and creating joy in learning  
  • Teachable – Must be a “learner” 
  • Willing to dedicate the first 6-12 months to language/culture acquisition
  • Ability to navigate differing worldviews, cultural nuisances and spiritual realities with love and clarity
  • Support Raising