ESL/TESOL Teaching Assistant/Tutor


The ReachGlobal Santo Domingo City Team is partnering with a network of nearly three dozen house churches across the city, called Red Bendición (RB - Blessing Network). RB has invited the team to help disciple university students in the network and equip them to reach their universities with the gospel of Jesus. Our goal as we support RB students in their faith is to provide pathways to deeper faith, a biblical worldview, and intellectual confidence in following Jesus, with the goal of equipping them and helping them reach their peers at their respective universities.

An RB church member is a professor in the “English Immersion Program” at a local university, the Santo Domingo Team has an opportunity to place volunteer English professors’ assistants in the program. Students enter the program because speaking English can impact future employment and pay scale nearly as much as the degree they earn. As an English teaching assistant with a Dominican professor, you will have daily interaction with students from nearly every walk of life, and opportunities for friendship in and out of class, and engage them with the gospel along with friends from the RB house churches.

Special Requirements

Raise your own support.


  • Fluent in Spanish – must be willing to dedicate the first 6-12 months to language/culture acquisition, depending on length of term
  • Spiritually mature, with a track record of discipling others
  • Teachable
  • Good relational skills
  • Team player who is willing to serve where needed
  • Confident and comfortable teaching one-on-one or in small groups
  • Able to discuss differing worldviews and spiritual realities with grace and clarity
  • ESL/TESOL certification or degree


  • Engage English learners from beginners to the highly advanced with encouragement and patience
  • Assess skill levels, help with grammar and phonics challenges, develop age and level-appropriate lesson plans
  • Identify and resource appropriate English learning curriculum/materials
  • Integrate gospel and discipleship into English lessons.
  • Work with short-term teams to help ensure a quality learning experience for Dominicans
  • Train other SDCT team members to tutor English learners